Behind The Scenes

About The Band

Cain Resurrection was formed in 1991 (originally spelled Kayne) by Levi Clark (drummer) and Michael Prado (guitarist.)  They were soon joined by Kane Gratia (bassist) and Robb Signorelli (lead guitarist.)  Philip Doty (vocalist) joined the group a few months later rounding out the band.  Kayne credited its sound to bands such as Metallica, Pantera, Testament, and local heavies Crowbar, along with more subtle nuances of classic metal legends such as Sabbath and Zeppelin.

The band brought its early identity to fruition in 1992 with its first studio EP entitled "Faint Cry for Peace."  The debut work opened doors for their credibility in the local scene and afforded them the opportunity to play with such bands as RAWG (GWAR without the costumes and stage show) and Incantation.  The array of shows played throughout the next year would culminate in the birth of their second EP, releasing "My Life Impaled" in 1994.  The first track of this EP "Impaled By Reality" was featured on a compilation album called "The Other Side of New Orleans Music" and was followed shortly after by the bands first recording contract with Carousel Records.

The band carried this momentum with them through 1995 in performances with bands such as Sevendust and Obituary.  It was at this time that the band began working on a very rare and "stripped down" version of their material in an album referred to as "Through the Eye."  The 12 tracks were aimed at the bands darker side of their music, specifically with haunting guitar lines, and drenched with heavy distortion throughout the mood of the album.  This material would become the last of a steady dose of New Orleans metal from the band as creative differences from within would result in the dissolution of Kayne in the early part of 1996.

The story probably would have ended there, if not for Kirk Windstein of NOLA powerhouse Crowbar and his beautiful wife Robin that encouraged Levi to reunite the band for one show in an effort to heighten awareness for a fundraiser that he was putting on, an old school 80s/90s metal jam.  The band agreed to get back together just as a one time jam for fun.  Levi, Mike, Kane, Robb, and Phil played 2 covers (Metallica's "For Whom the Bell Tolls," and Pantera's "Domination") and 1 new original track written by Mike (currently known as Valley Forge.)  This one show rekindled a flame that had been extinguished for close to 18 years.  The guys passion for music and love of working together again made it inevitable that they would start writing new music together.  A few months later, however, Phil decided to go his separate way as he had other projects already in the works (Bending/The Defclones).

As fate would have it, long time Prytania front man Wayne Miller came into the picture.  He had parted ways with his own band in April of 2014, and in August of that same year, was struggling with the acceptance of losing his father to a long battle with lung cancer.  The underlying roots between Wayne and the members of Cain were strongly cemented over the years, and as he stayed by his father's bedside for his last remaining weeks, Miller was desperately in need of a chance to return to the music scene... a "resurrection" if you will.  The band members reached out to Miller, and one week after the passing of his father, the five began to recreate a sound from the past, but revitalized by the amazing talent of Wayne Miller.  This brought to life the newly reformed CAIN RESURRECTION!

Earlier influences of Metallica and Pantera were now being infused with more haunting melodies, such as the likes of Alice In Chains and Faith No More, while the phrasing of the band became more aggressive mirroring that of bands such as Chevelle and Deftones.  The band officially returned to the scene in 2015.

In March of 2016, Cain Resurrection released their debut album "One With the Wreckage" to the public.  The album was produced by long time friend Matt Brunson of Crowbar, and recorded by Duane Simoneaux of OCD Recording and Production.  The finished product immediately returned Cain to the front lines of the local music scene, and in less than 2 years has afforded them the luxury of playing with such bands as Soulfly, Suffocation, Battlecross, Abnormality, Hed PE, Motograter, and Flaw, to name a few.  It is currently played on many internet radio stations including Rock Rage Radio, Xtreme Alchemy Radio (The Morning Mayhem Show), Not Real Radio, Reach Down Radio, Q108 Kingston Indie (Canada), and Banks Radio Australia.

As their sound continues to evolve in the months to come, make no mistake about it, the "Resurrection" is only the beginning for the members of Cain, both on and off the stage.